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Wednesday, November 14

in Solidarity With  Greece and European Workers’ General Strike Against Austerity in Greece and the EU Against the Greek Government's Human Rights Violations and Protection of the Neo-Nazi "Golden Dawn"

poster for November 14, 2012, rallyHarsh austerity measures have created an economic and social disaster that affects tens of millions across Europe. Greece, Portugal and Spain are particularly hard-hit. A coalition of New York Greek-Americans, groups in solidarity with Greece and working people across Europe have called for a rally at the United Nations Missions of Greece and the European Union on Wednesday, November 14, 2012.

The Greek government is to be condemned for passing vicious cuts in living standards, anti-labor laws, giving away public land and property to private speculators and for human rights violations, including the torture of protesters (as documented by the Guardian, BBC and investigated by the European Human Rights Watch) and for its protection of the violent neo-Nazi "Golden Dawn" party.

What happens in Greece and Europe today is of concern to all of us as we face the prospect of further austerity, inequality, unemployment and budget cuts here in the US as well.

November 14 has been chosen in solidarity with the calls for international labor actions in Europe on the same day. Simultaneous general strikes have been called for that day in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus, a sign of the increasing resistance against neoliberal austerity. The actions appear set to spread to other countries in what may become the first pan-European general strike.

The November 14th Action at the United Nations: Program

2 pm – PRESS CONFERENCE in front of Greek Mission to the UN, 866 Second Avenue (Corner of 46th Street), with representatives of the Greek-American community, labor groups, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, the Greek-American Left Movement/Aristeri Kinisi, and Occupy Astoria /LIC.

3-5pm – SPEAKOUT at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th Street between First and Second Avenues. Picketing and peaceful protest actions are planned at the European Union Mission (666 Third Avenue) and the UN missions of Spain (245 East 47th St.) and Portugal (also 866 Second Ave.)

5:30 pm – RALLY at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, in solidarity with general strike actions in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Cyprus against austerity.

November 14 Solidarity Coalition

(NOTE: Organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only.)

Find the November 14 events on facebook

Check out the newsletter for U.K.'s Greece Solidarity Campaign for November 14 events in Europe and important updates about Greece.